Proposal: Bringing on Sinkas as a full-time contributor


I’ve been involved with MetaFactory since early 2020 in one way or another, starting as a voxel model designer and later as an active DAO participant and multisig signer. Although the past few months I haven’t been as active as the core contributors, I’ve kept a close eye to the DAO and the initiatives it has undertaken. As an outsider to the day-to-day activities, I’ve identified some areas that could use some improvement and I’d like to propose to the DAO that I come on as a full-time contributor to tackle those areas and help take MetaFactory to the next level.


I’m proposing that we vote for me to come on board as a full time contributor with a stable compensation for a pilot period of 3 months, starting October 2022 and ending January 2023. After that, if the DAO is satisfied with my performance, we could vote again for me to remain as a full time contributor.

Bringing me on with a monthly stipend would allow me to contribute without having to worry about my income and my ability to cover my expenses, and it would free up a ton of time for the rest of the core team as I’d be taking on a number of different things that are now spread across core contributors on top of their other duties.


As it is, the core team is spread too thin between production, organising drops, content, internal comms, developing the NFT protocol and all the metaverse efforts to the point that there’s no time or energy to push for an improvement of the current standards.

Below are some of the areas I could be of help, on top of any other internal tasks the core team might need help with:

  • Coordination

I’m a big nerd when it comes to coordinating and keeping track of things, as well as a very communicative person. That, on top of being a generalist, means I can keep in touch with several different parts of the DAO, from merch production to metaverse related endeavours and coordinate the efforts of all contributors to maximise efficiency and speed. Think of it as a sort of management that aims to help each contributor have what they need in a timely manner in order to complete their deliverables without delays.

  • Compensation

When it comes to compensating contributors for their time, we’ve had some issues with doing it in a timely manner. Organising Coordinape epochs, getting tasks on Retool or Dework and calculating the final amount each contributor should receive takes time and effort. I’d like to take ownership of that task and ensure these compensations happen in a timely manner. Being a multisig signer already, I’m halfway there in terms of ability to push things through. I’d also love to ideate around how we could improve the distributions to better capture the contributions members make.

  • Content

I’ve spent quite some time writing content, be it for my own pleasure back on Cent, or for the “Social Money Times” newsletter we’d send out every other week during my time at Roll. I’d like to increase the frequency and scope of the newsletter we have. I’d also like to produce internal-facing content around different workflows and processes to create a streamlined way to onboard people to the DAO and have them contribute in a way that doesn’t require constant communication with the core team.

  • Onboarding

Having experienced first-hand what it’s like to be in a place where you want to contribute, but being unsure of how to do so, I’d like to help onboard new members to the DAO in a way that gets them directly engaged. Closing the gap between the first interaction someone has with MetaFactory, and the first time they contribute in a way that adds value would help increase our engaged members retention.

  • Managing inbound interest

As Metafactory grows and we continue dropping dope merch, more projects and individuals are interested in collaborating with us. I could help act as a first touching point to help filter that interest and distil information so we can quickly decide whether or not we want to proceed with a collaboration.

Having a dedicated member tackle all administrative and coordination needs would mean more free time for contributors to add value and less individual time spent on beaurocratic procedures. Would be helpful both for online initiatives, but also for in-person events.

Adding another contributor on a monthly stipend would obviously affect our financial runway.


I think that it could definitely be helpful to have Sinkas more active again. I think the number one thing we need really is someone who can keep track of our big picture plans that are discussed and agreed on core calls, and actively follow up to remind people to take concrete steps towards these projects, connecting dots within MF to facilitate work getting done efficiently. The help on internal content is also very needed, and it would be great if someone could work on more externally focused content as well.

It seems like incorporating Sinkas into the management group coordinape that was set up for Drew, Daofren and Nifty would be a quick way to add him into the mix. It would warrant a conversation about whether the pool of monthly funds in these groups should grow as we add new members, and if so how much. It would also be up to the subgroup to govern itself in a way that divides up the work clearly so everyone is on the same page, since a lot of the work Sinkas has described also falls within the bounds of what those members are already typically handling.

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Content (newsletter) and Coordination alone would bring huge benefit. The tools that we currently use are good for self-tracking accountability but we still need one person who dedicates adequate time to checking across all boards on a regular basis, updating them as necessary, and pinging those responsible on a regular basis against deadlines and deliverables.

Would agree with milfdad on his points as well.