Proposal: Creation of Creative Consortium


We establish a creative consortium, and pipeline, to steward cohesive branding and art direction for Metafactory.



We believe that concise and consistent creative direction will take MetaFactory through its next phase of evolution. With the launch of wearables and a new website, this is the perfect time to reset the stage, and establish a clear design language whose scope extends to the MetaFactory brand products, Instagram, visual twitter assets, and any fashion-facing content.

This natural evolution will result in MetaFactory moving in two main directions:

  1. MetaFactory as a platform: MetaFactory is the Dao that empowers communities to design and direct the creation of their merch

  2. MetaFactory as a brand: MetaFactory establishes itself as a successful community-owned brand that onboards creative talents across the crypto and fashion industry

Consistent branding and top-tier creative direction will be necessary for 2 to happen.

The MetaGEAR project has shown that MetaFactory branded products can have massive revenue potential IF they come with highly curated rollouts. We believe that MF branded products can be an incredibly strong revenue generator + generate interest in terms of investment.

What this solves:

Talent underutilization
We have experienced fashion/culture people in MetaFactory with exactly the skillset for creative direction, yet no pipeline currently includes them in a reliable way. With clearer compensation structure, it would also be easier to propose collaboration to desirable external creatives: we can be upfront and clear about what we can provide to them in exchange for their contribution.

Sidelined Assets
We are sitting on many excellent assets which are ready for immediate use, simply because the current Instagram+site layouts make them incoherent. Effective curation requires control over certain spaces.

Fashion irrelevance
Attracting high profile fashion collabs and individuals is a science and deserves attention to detail. MetaFactory has shown its commitment to investing time and energy in dev work, tokenomics, and community. This is simply an extension of that commitment to see where value lies, and to let the experts do their thang =) Example: 0xZed knows real-time what is selling well every season from her main job. Applying that kind of intel as part of MetaFactory’s offer to drop partners could be a huge reason WHY people drop with us. It’s a big part of what would elevate us above a web3 Printful.

The Consortium

Lead Adviser: Franchesko
Co-Advisers: Milfdad, 0xZed, WeeSeeClearly, CPTNskeletor

Franchesko: The lead advisor of this group due to his work establishing the branding of Metagear and subsequently the overall design direction of Metafactory. He has been consistent in delivering quality work based on a design framework that he developed for MetaFactory. The term “lead” here means less of one making the decision but more so the one coalescing/directing the vision. Leading the collaborative conversation with the consortium.

To see some of his branding work for MetaFactory:

0xZed: Z has an immense knowledge of not only design systems but a hyper awareness of the trends in the legacy fashion sphere. She knows the standard of which a “fashion” brand needs to operate with visual imagery and brand narrative. Z has been a key force in the weekly design call with developing strong conceptual ideas and visuals. This is also brings Z’s expertise/contribution into the light so that they can be fairly compensated

MILFDAD: MILFDAD has built his own brand through pinpointed aesthetic and design decisions. He has successfully placed MILFDAD as a brand into the center of the cultural sphere on a world stage and within NYC. This is no coincidence but a result of the calculated and concise vision being embodied in the brand. MILFDAD real world experience up to this point has been under-utilized and undervalued.

Weseeclearly: WSC brings meaningful partnerships and cutting edge fashion developments into the product and narrative pipelines. The products he oversaw have left a lasting impression on our community. What he started Franchesko has built upon. Creating this consortium allows WSC to still have strong influence/voice on the creative direction while not having the whole project stand on his shoulders. This creates a fluidity for WSC to focus on pushing the experimental Berlin studio without removing his vision from the creative equation.

CPTNskeletor: Skeletor has been stewarding, facilitating, and connecting creatives within Metafactory. He has been running weekly design calls experimenting with collaborative design via shared research tools and sessions. The communal patch project for NFT Berlin and the NFT NYC shirt are some of the first products to come out of this initiative. Skeletor will continue to act as facilitator, talent search and collaborator within this consortium.

The Pipeline

The creation of this consortium is not to establish a siloed/closed creative process, but to lay down a pipeline that refines MF brand identity and narrative into coherence.

Creating within a vacuum is not only frustrating but also a waste of time. This goes for anyone who has worked on visual content for MetaFactory–it is very hard to synchronize without a reliable lead. With a consortium to ping and send visual/fashion-related assets through, we will recuperate a lot of our attention and time expenditures.

The consortium will work closely to empower and steward young designers within MF as well. We have a huge opportunity for bringing in young creative talent. We have been lacking the unified clarity of creative vision and compensation to adequately do this.


Website Upkeep: With the new website launching for NFT.NYC we will begin the process of maintaining cohesive content on the website both with visual and copy.

Social Media Scrub: In order to match the update of the website we find it is best to scrub our instagram and redesign our layout/content. This will be done by incorporating elements from the updated website, & Franchesko’s work.

Weekly Design Syncs: Continuation of weekly design syncs in order to build upon the collaborative brand and visual experiment. Use this time for content creation, design sync and further Metafactory asset creation.

Clarify Designer Collab Process: This applies directly to fashion clout and design collabs. Outline clear compensation structure and value exchange so that we can get some of these going, whether on back-end (production, i.e. circular pilot projects), front-end (designer collabs), or both.

MF Collection: With the exploration and creation of a MF visual language, it only makes sense that we translate these ideas into graphics for MF merch. These drops are design focused first and foremost. It is time to elevate our design to the levels found within successful creative studios like Braindead and AllCapsStudio. We envision this as an entire collection spanning basics and accessories.

MF Branding Guidelines: Develop an updated MF brand guideline, Visual Language, and framework. This not only unifies our narrative and vision but also creates a system for standardizing a threshold of expectations for all mf design output.

Fall Design contest: Using the framework mentioned above we will run the first Design challenge for the greater metafactory community. The work above will allow us to run a design challenge that has enough guidance to create meaningful remixes and personal iterations.

Design/Fashion trend research: This consortium will also be expected to keep the MF Research up to date with trends, findings, and research. This will be a key component in interfacing with the MF core and with developing MF design practices that are on the forefront of innovation. This will also help with recruitment.


Monthly Budget

300 USDC - MISC outsource(fiverr, behance) *rolls over if not used
500 USDC - Software subscription(clo3d, adobe, etc)
3000 USDC - Distributed via monthly via coordinape
% of robot distro - Distributed on distro schedule via coordinape


Perfecto :fire:

Only notes:

  1. Will this also act as a budget to foster design talent for product mockups for large partners (as well as MF brand) that come to us or we seek out? I.e. empower @Pab @wero and other/new potential designers to experiment and create designs and know their are funds-for-work outside of typical $ROBOT designer rewards?

  2. Monthly $ROBOT allocation? Assume we fund directly from treasury VS distribution schedule to make it a liquid budget.

  3. Separate multi-sig to manage funds/distributions?

Then send this puppy <3

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I think the answer is yes. This creative consortium will deal less with partners as thats where the conversation comes in around separating the MF platform from MF brand.

This will definitely create opportunity to empower designers already within MF like @wero and @Pab through clear direction, support in iterative design, Growth in personal development, and more. Clearer direction will allow us all to create with greater precision and outcome.

I didnt do a montly robot allocation due to that being a critique of the logistics budget. My thinking was pay usdc monthly while waiting for the scheduled ROBOT distributions. If there is support, I’d love to have a monthly ROBOT allocation to fund/reward designers participating in our weekly design syncs and in the further development of MF’s Identity.


I also should have clarified that a huge role/proponent of this consortium is to help foster/attract talented designers and fellow creatives.

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Great proposal and necessary to continue to evolve with the MetaFactory brand.

As one of the creators of the rebranding and the creation of the style guide, layouts, packaging, corporate clothing, Deck, labeling and other pieces of the brand. I am at your disposal to continue collaborating and give my vision on how to continue providing coherence to the brand.

It is interesting to create a Headless Brand and have the participation of all designers. But I also think it is important to have a visual consistency beyond fashions or trends. The creation or maintenance of some bases is what offers great fashion brands to be recognizable beyond the logo or the product.

Advances have been made that go beyond the visual. During the rebranding process, a narrative and brand strategy was created that is interesting to continue questioning.

Almost everything in the proposal seems interesting to me. The relationship between MetaFactory and MetaGear should also be taken into account, if both are similar or mixed it is possible to create confusion.

The only thing I don’t see clear is to eliminate the previous graphic materials for example in Instagram. There is a work behind and it is interesting for a user or the public to see the evolution and major milestones of the brand.

Right now I am immersed in the analysis of #Brand3, a laboratory where we are analyzing and seeing the direction of collaborative brands and their application in DAOs and Metaverse. The idea is that MetaFactory will be a reference and I would love to document all these processes we are living.

For the rest, for me it would be a pleasure to continue contributing with my knowledge and vision about everything that surrounds MF branding.


@DAOFREN @francheskoromanovic @weseeclearly @milfdad @CPTNskeletor @0xZed