Proposal: Stable Comp For Admin

Has been an ongoing discussion with the team regarding the best v1 approach. This highlights some of the key roles/responsibilities vital to keeping the ship running bear or bull. This does not preclude or prevent additional compensation from other sources such as governance proposed budgets and ops distributions.

Two Critical Role Groups Included:

  • Account & Production Management: CptnSkeletor, Milfdad, Wero – $6,000/mo TOTAL
    Team has opted to self-manage their budget/distributions to account for value contributed.
    • Coordinate drop collabs, blank selection, design quality assurance and Curation Funding when applicable. Ideation β†’ Fulfillment. Improve processes and transparency as it relates to the ERP/MF-OS, new design direction, Berlin/NYC and platform improvements.
  • Project Administration: Drew, Daofren, NiftyFifty – $6,000/mo TOTAL
    Team has opted to self-manage their budget/distributions to account for value contributed.
    • Bussiness Ops/Financials, Customer Support (Shopify, Emails, Twitter, Discord), Community/Onboarding, Discord/Moderation, PR/Client Relationships, Housekeeping + Improvements to Process Documentation & Tools, Shop Listings etc.

Monthly Total: $12,000/mo USDC on 1st of Month

  • Monthly KPI reports to audit performance
  • Quarterly reviews for budget renewal & roster adjustments

Retroactive Total: May, June, July = $36,000
Last $ROBOT Ops Reward Distro - February 2022

The nature of the DAO life equates to many contributors providing value and often wearing many different hats, putting in work where it’s most vital at any given time to expand the scope and ambition of MetaFactory. Again, this by no means captures the full roster of contributors that are deserving. Many originally proposed have opted-out, due to compensation coming from scoped project budgets, etc. Set low to prevent an unsustainable burn-rate with current market conditions.

Ops Distributions per the Milestone Distribution Schedule is unaffected.
Other paths to stable/$ROBOT compensation encouraged via scoped project/budget and working group proposals taken to snapshot, such as what M3org has been doing and the recent Creative Consortium Proposal.

Should also establish a future bounty budget allocation soon for quicker compensation to part-time and one-off contributors and as a means to onboard/rain $ROBOT on new talent and community members. Can explore wholistic adjustments to the current Distro Schedule if needed to account for this approach.

Please drop thoughts/feedback prior to going to snapshot :beers:


Post nft nyc, damagedgoods has quit so I suggest we eliminate the position here. Especially with the separate budget proposed by Milfdad for the fulfillment/nyc space.

The main question is do we drop the the 2k set aside for fulfillment or distribute that to other members who are committed to MF. I would throw Wero in the mix for recieving some form of ubi due to her work and commitment. Unless that is occuring through the Berlin budget.

Whatever the decision we need to get this figured out asap. We are going on three/four months with still no solution.

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Adjusted her to reflect 2 groups with some flexibility in their budgets/allocations.

Let me know any additional thoughts and will slap on snap once 3 day lock is removed :beers: