Proposal: M3 x MetaFactory epoch 2+3 / alignment

Proposal - M3factory Epoch 2+3


This proposal covers:

  • What M3factory (M3 + MetaFactory) accomplished thus far
  • Compensation proposal for work done during month of June (epoch 2)
  • Funding proposal for next phase of digital strategy and building (epoch 3)


The metaverse crew coordinape epoch for June is dodne and the final numbers look satisfactory with everyone. We want to stack ROBOT since we’re super excited about what and how we have been building stuff. Plus it keeps things simple.

M3factory is a multisig with jin (M3) / metadreamer (MetaFactory) and ahad (Webaverse). We work in lockstep with MetaFactory on implementing our digital strategies with key partners for purpose of providing as much useful info and feedback on scaling DAOs.


This treasury has <1 ETH in it currently and 0 ROBOT. We want to supplement with additional tokens in order to retain momentum, keep M3 x MetaFactory aligned for the long term, and prevent long compensation gaps in between proposals.

To honor the contribution into the multisig that we share with Webaverse, M3 would like to gift epic NFTs (have several in the works) to the MetaFactory DAO.


Epoch 2

Things M3 accomplished last month:

  • VR studio update to previs figma floorplan in 3D
  • New 3D site: 3D Storefront by MetaFactory
  • New MF VR world with new camera system
  • Exported VRM avatars with MF wearables
  • Spent 2 weeks making / cutting video content
    • 160gb of video processed
    • Event trailers
    • Motion gfx rendering for walls
    • Plenty b-roll of avatar interop with MF wearables
  • Remote live VJing during the main event

Funding request for Epoch 2:

Epoch 3

  • Follow up with leads from the event
  • Processing video from Metaphysical event (141gb) (jin/boomboxhead)
    • Merging 360 content back into the VR studio (boomboxhead)
  • Editing behind the scenes into 5-10min video documentary (boomboxhead)
  • Make + edit MetaFactory x Webaverse / VRM video content (jin)
  • Professional tailors fixing a few digital items / avatars ($3k)
    • Gridlock / WSC / Vaunker hoodie / Genesis bomber / Metagear (new peeps)
    • 3D MF robot avatar designs (metarick/jin)
  • Interoperable metaverse avatar builder programs (M3)
  • VTuber livestream mode on the 3D storefront (2 weeks) (sith)
  • Explore virtual production shorts
    • Music video shot in VR featuring MF gear + NFT avatars
    • CultureDAO interested in being a sponsor

Funding estimates for Epoch 3:

  • $5k in stables
    • Small professional avatar tailor team to work on avatars / wearables (4 weeks)
      • a 3d asset file of just the wearable
      • 2 male avatars
      • 2 female avatars
      • X amount of robot avatars / pets
        • Kit bashed parts
  • 2500 ROBOT
    • 1000 for M3factory treasury
    • 500 ROBOT grant for open source avatar builders (4 weeks)
      • Add MetaFactory avatars / wearables to it
      • Export to VRM / glTF / Webaverse / NFTs
      • Set the stage for website avatar wardrobe
    • 400 for video production and editing (2-4 weeks)
      • Behind the scenes video about Metaphysical / indie virtual production
    • 300 for 3D storefront updates (3 weeks)
      • Vtuber mode
        • Website doubles as innovative presentation space
        • Can screen share + live pitch
      • Backend / devops
        • Streamlined and documented workflow to update website
      • Stretch goals:
        • Button that sends notification, appear live on the site?
        • VR mode? Better mobile support?
    • 300 for documentation (4 weeks)

Time estimate: 4-6 weeks


Design and showcase premium MF wearables in the best light in terms of quality, interoperability, and ethos of building the open metaverse with our key digital partners. Now with CloneX 3D files + full commercial rights we have a hot opportunity.

Compress the hard work we did last 2 months for MetaPhysical event into a 5-10 minute behind the scenes video to better tell the story of what MetaFactory is / does. This is perhaps better than releasing a blog post.


It’s a lot of ROBOT being requested. Perhaps people have a difference of opinion whether we should work on the MetaPhysical behind the scenes video or focus on MCON or other types of virtual production such as VR shorts / music videos.


def support this, but could you reformat it to follow the proposal template here, just so we make it easy for people to assess it in a standardized way: Governance Proposal Template - #4

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I removed this part from proposal, will paste here incase anyone interested

Quick recap on the past few months

Original proposal for content production (March 23) :red_circle: Revised to smaller sprints :red_circle:

Fashion shoot (April 14 - May 28) :star: Epoch 1 :star:

Community call notes from past 6 months all gathered here till this point where the weekly updates were posted under (the NFTNYC popup event) since it was the main focus for everyone.

3D site launch + Metaphysical Sprint (May 28 - June 28) :star: Epoch 2 :star:

:camera: :framed_picture: M3factory image album: metafactory • Slate :framed_picture: :camera:

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Awesome proposal, def support this.

The avatar builder and tooling around that is gonna be a key piece of the puzzle (e.g. imagine we make it support attaching MF wearables to CloneX avatars all in the browser without Blender. Bake it as a VRM and save that avatar to your Ceramic / Lens / ENS profile, so Webaverse or CV could automatically look up your avatar and render it even if you never used that platform before.

If we can bring on UE devs / experts to help create high production value content that bleeds digital world with physical one, it would be huge for us and a good investment to make for the future. e.g. we can setup NDI workflows in Unreal Engine and bridge to cameras in the physical content studio in NYC space, even using remote controlled PTZ cameras for virtual production.