Proposal: M3 x MetaFactory epoch 2+3 / alignment

Proposal - M3factory Epoch 2+3


This proposal covers:

  • What M3factory (M3 + MetaFactory) accomplished thus far
  • Compensation proposal for work done during month of June (epoch 2)
  • Funding proposal for next phase of digital strategy and building (epoch 3)


The metaverse crew coordinape epoch for June is dodne and the final numbers look satisfactory with everyone. We want to stack ROBOT since we’re super excited about what and how we have been building stuff. Plus it keeps things simple.

M3factory is a multisig with jin (M3) / metadreamer (MetaFactory) and ahad (Webaverse). We work in lockstep with MetaFactory on implementing our digital strategies with key partners for purpose of providing as much useful info and feedback on scaling DAOs.


This treasury has <1 ETH in it currently and 0 ROBOT. We want to supplement with additional tokens in order to retain momentum, keep M3 x MetaFactory aligned for the long term, and prevent long compensation gaps in between proposals.

To honor the contribution into the multisig that we share with Webaverse, M3 would like to gift epic NFTs (have several in the works) to the MetaFactory DAO.


Epoch 2

Things M3 accomplished last month:

  • VR studio update to previs figma floorplan in 3D
  • New 3D site: 3D Storefront by MetaFactory
  • New MF VR world with new camera system
  • Exported VRM avatars with MF wearables
  • Spent 2 weeks making / cutting video content
    • 160gb of video processed
    • Event trailers
    • Motion gfx rendering for walls
    • Plenty b-roll of avatar interop with MF wearables
  • Remote live VJing during the main event

Funding request for Epoch 2:

Epoch 3

  • Follow up with leads from the event
  • Processing video from Metaphysical event (141gb) (jin/boomboxhead)
    • Merging 360 content back into the VR studio (boomboxhead)
  • Editing behind the scenes into 5-10min video documentary (boomboxhead)
  • Make + edit MetaFactory x Webaverse / VRM video content (jin)
  • Professional tailors fixing a few digital items / avatars ($3k)
    • Gridlock / WSC / Vaunker hoodie / Genesis bomber / Metagear (new peeps)
    • 3D MF robot avatar designs (metarick/jin)
  • Interoperable metaverse avatar builder programs (M3)
  • VTuber livestream mode on the 3D storefront (2 weeks) (sith)
  • Explore virtual production shorts
    • Music video shot in VR featuring MF gear + NFT avatars
    • CultureDAO interested in being a sponsor

Funding estimates for Epoch 3:

  • $5k in stables
    • Small professional avatar tailor team to work on avatars / wearables (4 weeks)
      • a 3d asset file of just the wearable
      • 2 male avatars
      • 2 female avatars
      • X amount of robot avatars / pets
        • Kit bashed parts
  • 2500 ROBOT
    • 1000 for M3factory treasury
    • 500 ROBOT grant for open source avatar builders (4 weeks)
      • Add MetaFactory avatars / wearables to it
      • Export to VRM / glTF / Webaverse / NFTs
      • Set the stage for website avatar wardrobe
    • 400 for video production and editing (2-4 weeks)
      • Behind the scenes video about Metaphysical / indie virtual production
    • 300 for 3D storefront updates (3 weeks)
      • Vtuber mode
        • Website doubles as innovative presentation space
        • Can screen share + live pitch
      • Backend / devops
        • Streamlined and documented workflow to update website
      • Stretch goals:
        • Button that sends notification, appear live on the site?
        • VR mode? Better mobile support?
    • 300 for documentation (4 weeks)

Time estimate: 4-6 weeks


Design and showcase premium MF wearables in the best light in terms of quality, interoperability, and ethos of building the open metaverse with our key digital partners. Now with CloneX 3D files + full commercial rights we have a hot opportunity.

Compress the hard work we did last 2 months for MetaPhysical event into a 5-10 minute behind the scenes video to better tell the story of what MetaFactory is / does. This is perhaps better than releasing a blog post.


It’s a lot of ROBOT being requested. Perhaps people have a difference of opinion whether we should work on the MetaPhysical behind the scenes video or focus on MCON or other types of virtual production such as VR shorts / music videos.


def support this, but could you reformat it to follow the proposal template here, just so we make it easy for people to assess it in a standardized way: Governance Proposal Template - #4

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I removed this part from proposal, will paste here incase anyone interested

Quick recap on the past few months

Original proposal for content production (March 23) :red_circle: Revised to smaller sprints :red_circle:

Fashion shoot (April 14 - May 28) :star: Epoch 1 :star:

Community call notes from past 6 months all gathered here till this point where the weekly updates were posted under (the NFTNYC popup event) since it was the main focus for everyone.

3D site launch + Metaphysical Sprint (May 28 - June 28) :star: Epoch 2 :star:

:camera: :framed_picture: M3factory image album: metafactory • Slate :framed_picture: :camera:

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Awesome proposal, def support this.

The avatar builder and tooling around that is gonna be a key piece of the puzzle (e.g. imagine we make it support attaching MF wearables to CloneX avatars all in the browser without Blender. Bake it as a VRM and save that avatar to your Ceramic / Lens / ENS profile, so Webaverse or CV could automatically look up your avatar and render it even if you never used that platform before.

If we can bring on UE devs / experts to help create high production value content that bleeds digital world with physical one, it would be huge for us and a good investment to make for the future. e.g. we can setup NDI workflows in Unreal Engine and bridge to cameras in the physical content studio in NYC space, even using remote controlled PTZ cameras for virtual production.


M3factory Epoch 3

Last week we did a retro and coordinape circle, here’s the breakdown of it all:


  • Follow up with leads from the event :heavy_check_mark: (RedDAO)
  • Processing video from Metaphysical event (141gb) (jin/boomboxhead)
    • Merging 360 content back into the VR studio (boomboxhead) :soon:
  • Editing behind the scenes into 5-10min video documentary (boomboxhead)
  • Make + edit MetaFactory x Webaverse / VRM video content (jin) :heavy_check_mark:
  • Professional tailors fixing a few digital items / avatars ($3k) :see_no_evil:
  • Interoperable metaverse avatar builder programs (M3) :heavy_check_mark:
  • VTuber livestream mode on the 3D storefront (2 weeks) (sith)
    • Working on Playcanvas 3D website builder
  • Explore virtual production shorts :heavy_check_mark:
    • Venice done, Raindance Festival is next, multiple vprod WIP

Coordinape Final numbers
boomboxhead - 23.75%
daofren - 9.5%
Sith - 17.5%
Arashi - 23.25%
jin - 25.0%


  • 200 $ROBOT for M3 grants (7OROY / memelotsqui / ALTERED EVIL / m00n)
    • Memelotsqui should get 50 ROBOT for his work on boom tools
    • ALTERED EVIL should get 50 ROBOT to join vprod team
    • 7OROY should get 50 ROBOT to join wearables crew (pending confirmation)
    • m00n should get 50 ROBOT for avatar creator work



This epoch gave us the space for deep work and vision planning. I need to bulk download the wearables assets from MF OS to onboard some peeps. Made a bunch of avatars this last month and recruited some help for things:

I reached out to 7OROY for help, he is a M3 member that has been super helpful with avatars + wearables, has made content across many different platforms and has a unique style

Made a dev log covering all the cool stuff we’re working on with MetaRick / Uncanny Alley: Uncanny Alley - HackMD

Created VRM + VRChat avatar version of M70 anti-surveillance outfit, got a buncha video clips walking with it throughout worlds and delivered screenshots during MCON2.

ALTERED EVIL has been initiated into M3 last month. We went on a field trip through Vket Summer and he edited the content into an awesome video: VIRTUAL MARKETPLACES [VRC] - YouTube

We finally have someone who enjoys video editing virtual world content!

I’ve also been very active in metaverse interop working groups like OMI / MSF to give input on developing open standards.


Boomboxhead has been working on developing boom-tools with the goal to get it ready for VRM avatar, and loot drops.

Opensourced 3d gallery assets, materials MIT CC0. Open sourced SDK3 version of the virtual studio. Provide local support for MCON2.


  • wants a wearable plan
  • wants to roll out MF digital wearable pass concept
  • wants MF wearable assignments to take ownership of
  • wants to make MF+M3 home space and gallery worlds

  • begin work on on Mansion after house is done
    • wants to have both house and mansions as personal worlds but also contributed / donated to M3 + MF for reuse + remix
  • wants to utilize the MF wearables i made previously
    • improve them and use them on clones + other avi’s
    • use them to roll out a bunch of vrm’s
  • finish Airship + Shipping container objects / worlds
  • daofren should replace metadreamer on m3 factory multi sig; who should we replace ahad with?

Arashi Feedback:

  • having trouble staying focused on one thing; complusion to make as much shit as possible; so many shiny things to make
  • thinks feedback and communication leaves a little to be desired
  • everything is chaos

SM Sith Lord

  • Did a deep dive into possible art asset interop between Hyperfy, Webaverse, PlayCanavs, & DCL: Interoperable Media Object glTF Asset Pack - HackMD
  • Refined scope of interop asset pack w/ Jin.
  • Created GLB/FBX versions of several of the assets to use in a PlayCanvas demo.
  • Built a PlayCanvas demo that almost loads an AArcade: Source mind map wall in PlayCanvas:
  • Need to resolve issue converting between different coordinate systems.


  • Big ol cup of useless on crafting dank XR stuff and things. Most bandwidth allocated towards MetaFactory madness. Establish best value adds to M3 as bridge to MF.
  • Need to cop a rig (plus additional assets) to allow for more content creation contributions and possibly brush up on skillz and get in on some editing.
  • Need to help get MFOS streamlined more with additional support put on it to get her up-to-date to make it efficient and ready for wearables w/ a priority breakdown.
  • Can help with MultiSigs, just want to rock it anon.
  • Get a solid pipeline for updating the 3D Storefront on a continious basis for new / highlighted releases.

Yultek interested in combining some efforts


  • Difficulty getting people to confirm multisig transactions - jin
    • Want to give ALTEREDEVIL / 7OROY grant from DAO
    • DAOfren willing to help unfuck the bottleneck
  • Was hard to work on the mirror post - jin
  • Working with UdonMotion and ShaderMotion was difficult and we recruited a developer to help with motion capture of avatars -boomboxhead


  • Sith thinks he can finish the 3D website builder next epoch
    • Node loader in Playcanvas
  • Boomboxhead and memelotsqui will probably finish a collection using boom-tools
    • Battle test the entire pipeline in time before Raindance Festival (Uncanny Alley picked)
  • Arashi is working on all sorts of things
    • Taking notes
    • Making models
      • Working on wearables + avatars + home spaces
  • DAOfren gunna help with DAO ops
    • Metafactory 3D shop updates
    • Talking with scottpreneur
  • ALTERED EVIL will help with virtual productions
  • Doing some animation / wearable interop tests
  • jin presenting avatar wearable proposal to metaverse standards forum
  • Work on epic NFT drops together
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M3Factory Epoch 3 Part 2


  • Created a streamlined method to download from MF OS
    • Have all the files organized for creating all the wearables now
  • Created M3TV alpha: metaverse channel / network concept
  • Initialized a MetaFactory digital operation center
  • Created M3/MF branded digital collectible concepts
    • Hats / passes / badges / shirts
  • Activated wearables/fashion working group in Metaverse Standards Forum


All the notes from 9/13 → 11/16 that were posted on MF Notes as one image, ready to paste into a virtual meeting / pinned in one of our virtual operations centers.

Link to our current virtual operation center for planning / brainstorming:

Some concepts for digital collectible hats + fashion passes created by Arashi

Curating a collection of potential assets we can use for creating a MetaFactory digital HQ

Coordinape Final numbers September 13 - November 6
m00n - 20.67%
Arashi - 18.33%
jin - 17.67%
daofren - 16%
Sith - 14%
7oroy - 6.67%
boomboxhead - 6.67%

Next steps

  • Follow up with Clo3d on their digital tailoring service for our high end products
  • Assigning avatar tailors to work on all the digital wearables
  • Premiere M3TV on the MetaFactory call
    • Mint merch, get initial feedback for digital wearable drops
  • Work on a new MetaFactory HQ
    • lean into robot CloneX, lean into digi-physical (3D scans) / network state vision
    • Acquire 3D scans from our microfactories if possible
      • Have plenty of assets from past events (ETHdenver, MCON, voxels)