Proposal: MF Content Production

MF VR Crew Production Proposal


One season of content in the form of a virtual production show. We want to film 12 (1 hour) episodes inside Unreal Engine with a core crew of 5 over 3 months.

The crew will consist of: Producer, Programmer, Host, Documentation Support / Production Management, and MetaFactory Product Logistics and Production Support. We may need additional support (2 more 3d modelers or builders to help with avatars and sets as independant contractors).

This is a public view of what the organization looks like:

Our overall goal is to produce one show a week for MetaFactory and cover the products, drops of MF to help build the MF brand awareness driving more traffic overall and building a larger social media presenees with evergreen video content. We also want to cover the work we’re doing in solving significant metaverse challenges such as avatar interoperability with entertaining / educational media.

Below are some samples, they are not meant to be a conclusive overview of content formats. There is SO much more.

Drop announcements / News broadcasts

{%youtube x7a6ImjBEbI %}

Clips from the VR store

Interviews / shows from Unreal and Unity, mocap interop R&D opportunities too

Adventures with M3taloot / live field testing avatar interoperability research

Set department

See the brochure:

Navy Yard

Berlin Factory

  • Photogrammetry sets
  • 3d scans from inside / outside

Project from view

Take flat images from diff angles to model in simple geo from foreground, project from view, flat / planar in background, set that is mostly textures and extremely fast / performant

Panoramas from the real world or really high res 360s (google camera)
Lazy blender tutorial for photo -> lofi 3D


  • We are looking to raise 75k (25.5 ETH) to cover the cost of the crews time($67,200)
  • $800 a week per crew member
  • The remaining budget will be used for equipment, hardware / software, servers, and other production costs we will run into such as software licenses, 3d assets, rigs, 3d models, music and other media assets.

Payment Schedule

  • We are looking for pre-production budget on the project to start (15k) with the remaining budget in $ROBOT, or a stablecoin paid in a regular cadence to match the needs of crew members.


1 show a week, agenda overview on MF community call day before shoot


Weekly writer’s room call to discuss logistics, upcoming drops, pre-production assets, potential guests, etc (see show template)

  • 2 weeks of pre-production
  • 3 months of production
  • 12 Episodes total = 1 season of content
  • Film / Stream one show a week for 12 weeks
  • Every show is a smorgasbord of entertaining content formats
  • Edit afterwards into social media bites

Show Segment Breakdown

Idea for intro: as many cameos as possible
electicmethod can chop some dope shit up

  • 10 mins - Starting Soon (PreRoll Starting Soon) (bumpers)

Start Show

  • 1 min - Video Theme Intro Video Roll (bumpers)
  • 5 mins - Host Intro / Round Up
  • 1 min - Commercial
  • 5 mins - Current Drop // Upcoming Drop
  • 10 mins - Interview (Robots, Artists, Brands, Partners)
  • 1 min - Commercial
  • 10 mins - Metaversal News
  • 5 mins - Reports from the Metaverse
  • 1 min - Commercial
  • 10 mins - Side Event Segment
  • 1 min - Commercial
  • 5 mins - Plugs / Goodbye / Thanks For Watching - 5 mins
  • 5 mins - Outro Video

Part of the show where we talk about / rate certain projects
takes a makers eye to unpack nutrition labels of projects
better guide and make more informed decisions


  • Brands
  • Vendors
  • Robots
  • Artists

Side Event Segments

  • Reaction vids
  • Fieldtrips to Metaverses
  • Virtual Shop / Storefront Visit
  • Timed Interactive Drops / Auctions
  • Avatar Fashion Show
  • Giveaways On the Show
  • Fireside Chats
  • Expert Panels
  • Artist Interviews
  • Vendor Interviews
  • MF Music Videos
  • Research Segments
    • Jin has lab coats for avatars
    • Interop (can collab with OMI)
    • Mocap (can collab with HEAT)
    • Production in Other Engines

Social Media Strategy / Promotional content

  • Social Media Micro Content
  • Voiceover Promos Videos With Vintendo
  • MetaCommercials

OKR / KPI / Progress

Typical KPIs for media focused orgs look like this:

  • Audience Measurement
    • Site Visits
  • Exposure Counting
    • Unique Reach
    • Viewable Impressions

Based on feedback: minutes of content put out

One of our goals for this season is to successfully develop a re-usable pipeline for fast and efficient multiplayer virtual productions that incorporate wearables / NFTs.

We want to be engaged with the wider community to actually participate in that pipeline and got their hands dirty / educated them on the tools.

In order to maximize KPIs our plan is:

  • record whenever possible to maximize minutes of content produced (b-roll)
  • recycle that content into multiple clips on different platforms to maximize exposure metrics

Of course we’re always interested in raising production quality + how well we’re telling our stories. If it resonates we can attract more awesome talent, collaborations, and resources into our ecosystem and can really change the world.

If we can produce atleast 2-3 shows for/with external clients (such as community NFT projects or current MF collaborators) and get paid that is another way to reach new audiences and grow our operations.

It’s not all serious biz, important to remember that we’re going up against memes when fighting for attention. Memes are the apex object of society.

M3 and MetaFactory

M3 is also planning to drop NFTs soon out of the desire to stockpile additional resources and support related public goods such as open tools, frameworks, and working groups for the metaverse. Some asked about how we can all remain aligned.

I’ve held onto the original vision of MetaFactory as a factory that can produce other factories. We are now taking steps towards this while scaling / decentralizing via subDAOs, which isn’t all fully figured out yet.

The two main things we’re keeping in back of mind:

  • how will token emerge?
  • how to support / align with partners?

Something we want to test is if MetaFactory can act as proxy to build makers up before figuring out economics. I think its very important to solve because some of the greatest metaverse makers I know aren’t that knowledgeable about crypto yet.

Avatar department

More Resources


I would also add “minutes of content put out”, IMO quantity > quality when it comes to content and using that as a metric will be a forcing function to capture and create as much as possible.

“Realness” is much more important than production quality and even for production quality often the best way to get there is to just put out as much stuff as possible because it forces you to get efficient and iterate fast.

e.g. we should be recording and publishing every internal meeting the VR/content team has, “building in public” and “behind the scenes” content is def the meta right now and helps to cultivate a real community around it vs “yet another podcast/crypto show” that people have seen tons of. Not saying that we don’t do the full shows, just that we do both. Without the full show we wouldn’t have behind the scenes content to shoot either so its still necessary. The more quantity and variety of content the better, and since we would be having these meetings / working sessions anyways its not too much additional effort to hit record and publish it as-is. If its unpolished / rough around the edges that’s a feature not a bug because it shows its rawness.

Can also get people to slice and dice it into clips and post on other platforms etc. Therefore in order to maximize KPIs, the content team should

  • record whenever possible to maximize minutes of content produced
  • recycle that content into multiple clips on different platforms to maximize exposure metrics

Ofc we don’t want to start optimizing purely for that and put out trash clickbaity content that plagues the internet currently, so we should still set North Star “goals” that drive the content production (vs the goals being the metrics themselves). Some goals that I think could be applicable:

  • Successfully developed a re-usable pipeline for fast and efficient multiplayer virtual production that incorporates wearables / NFTs
  • Engaged the wider community to actually participate in that pipeline and got their hands dirty / educated them on the tools
  • Produced at least 2-3 shows for/with external clients and got paid (e.g. grant from RTFKT for doing content with Clone X, etc)

posting bc feels relevant

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+100, def have to be careful to ensure the metrics are just a means not an end. I don’t even think its necessary to quantify it directly as we go, but moreso just re-evaluating at the end of epoch and keeping in mind that “more = better” in this case

Rework the budget regarding stables a bit?

i.e. I believe I’ll be opting out of stable and will just do $robot from distro epochs. Get a feeler on vintendo, boombox, arashi, yourself and editor – then adjust accordingly.

I know there was mention of the hardware, equip, software, etc budget and whether it needs to be allocated in or billed directly to MetaFactory when applicable? @burningfiat


Agree. It’s important to understand the specific overhead costs and/or equipment needs. Its likely that MF will directly pay for / cover those costs directly even though it will be part of the VR Crew budget.

I appreciate all the excellent feedback which I just incorporated back into the proposal. Thanks everyone!

While this gets ready for the next steps, the building doesn’t stop! I’ve been working on the reusable pipeline for fast and efficient multiplayer virtual productions that incorporate wearables / NFTs.

Through the avatar interop group we have been accumulating and processing a number of 3D NFT avatars to be fitted with custom wearables / MF drip. We’re also preparing our own avatars for shows. I have posted some screenshots in the discord regarding a pipeline to convert all of our 3D wearables to be compatible with Cryptovoxels and soon Decentraland.

Oh, and also been working on porting the writer’s room from VRChat to be cross-platform so we can be immersed in our ideas during meetings, here’s a sneak peek:

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