Proposal: MetaFactory - Dashboard

tags: Raid

:crossed_swords: MetaFactory Dashboard :crossed_swords:


  • Update the design and build the web and mobile front-end for both the MetaFactory Dashboard and Curation Game.

Next Steps

  • Proposal submitted
  • Review with MF team
  • Start on implementation


5 - 7 weeks from Escrow/Multi-sig deposit


  • Desktop & Mobile views
  • Will leverage new V2 pool from iROBOT, when available

Claim Dashboard (User’s Profile)

  • Allow user to claim their $ROBOT (call Merkle contract)
  • Allow user to see pending $ROBOT to their claim (GH json)
  • Allow user to view their distribution history
  • Allow user to know empty state (when the wallet is not connected)
  • Table of rewards broken down by type (Buyer, Designer, Curation)
  • Pie graph of rewards by type
  • Total distributed to user
  • Most recent month with a distribution



Distributions Overview (Not connected)

  • View your distribution history from the platform
  • View your distribution bar graph
  • View your unclaimed $ROBOT
  • This should be a view of aggregate distributions of ROBOT


Exchange Page (Swap/Pool)


  • Intro about $ROBOT, basic statistics (e.g. Liquidity, Volume)
  • Historical chart
  • Stats (24h vol, all time high, holders)
  • Dates filters




Additional Questions

  • None

Files & Resources


Amount Time
$2,800 16 hours of design work (initial) ~20 hours
Design adjustment (if needed)
$25,500 5 - 6 weeks of dev work (40hrs/week) ~200 hours
$28,300 Estimated grand total

Required Resources

  • UX Designers (Chiali, Sascha)
  • Front-end Developers (Nickcaputo, midgerate)
  • Project Manager (Kevin)
  • Cleric (scottrepreneur)


This proposal serves as a deposit to initiate Raid. Additional payment based on accurate scope will be requested later as complexity becomes more apparent.

Verified payment of 50% up front 14,150 DAI and 50% on delivery for the equal amount of $14,150 in ROBOT at the time of delivery into the Raid Guild multi-sig:

We look forward to Raiding, please reach out with any questions or concerns!


Love this! If possible, it might be interesting to include the purchases behind the $ROBOT buyer rewards. A lot of people ask / complain about some purchases not being included and this would be really helpful.

If it adds a lot of complexity, please disregard my idea.

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