RaidGuild Season 2 Sponsorship

What is a Season?

RaidGuild brings in new Raiders through a group onboarding with projects from across the ecosystem. New Raiders can show their skills to be brought onto bigger Raids.

MetaFactory was an inaugral sponsor of the RaidGuild Season 2 Cohort during August and September. Several apprentices jumped on opportunities to contribute to MetaFactory and the MetaCartel fam as a whole.

We also shilled MetaFactory throughout the cohort process and listed MF with the other sponsors (DAOhaus & MetaGame).


During the cohort apprentices were able to complete a few initial projects with exciting results. One of the projects became a full raid proposal for implementation.

Direct Cohort Sponsorship Cost

  • $1200 for Curation Game designs
  • $2800 for Dashboard design (covered in dashboard implementation proposal)
  • $2000 for Season 2 sponsorship

Leaves $3200 for the cohort and apprentices.

Tokens accepted

Any combination of ROBOT, WETH, & DAI

RG Mainnet Multi-sig: 0x3C3692681cD1c0F42FA68A2521719Cc24CEc3AF3