Proposal: Metafactory + iRobot Short Story for DAO book

Product: A short story about the Metafactory community & iRobot DAO, as part of a broader DAO anthology series. See full details here:

Creator/Writer: Rika Goldberg

Sponsor: Drew Harding


  • General:
  • Use the power of storytelling to spread positive messages about DAOs
  • Create a flywheel to attract more good
    people, crypto natives and crypto adjacents (community builders, freelancers, indie workers) into the DAO ecosystem


  • Break the story about the innovation of iRobot DAO to help new investors get exposure to iRobot token without selling a large proportion of the treasury
  • Share positive vibes about the Metafactory DAO and the subculture that is forming


We are asking for a grant to write and publish a short story about Metafactory and iRobot DAO. Our goal is to craft a cohesive narrative about DAOs, spread positive vibes, and help new people understand the innovation within DAOs.

The Work:

I will facilitate interviews with key members to get first-hand accounts of where they’ve been and where they’re going. I will also conduct research on the DAO using second-hand sources like articles, blog posts, videos, and media narratives.

Funding Request:

$4,000 DAI


Increase membership and adoption by painting a picture of DAOs that is less mysterious, less clicky, and more digestible for mainstream audiences. A

DAO Targets:

MetaCartel, MetaGamaDelta, MetaFactory, Panvala, Gitcoin, DAOhaus, RaidGuild, 1Hive, MetaCred, et al


Metacartel will be written about first, followed by Metafactory/iRobot.

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