Proposal: MF wearables sprint

Wearables Sprint

I need additional help with creating the digital versions of our (200+) products. There are a number of specialty items we want to showcase during the Metaphysical event plus needing to process the backlog of released products and later being one step ahead of future physical drops, like being able to use digital versions in our marketing phase.

More info about wearables, expand below


25% in stables, rest in ROBOT

  • $5k Documentation
    • internal docs for wearable team
    • tutorials on how users can add them
    • feedback for interop working groups
    • Recruiting
      • onboarding
      • training
    • project managing (Dework)
  • $15k Creating wearables
    • WSC / Genesis / Vaunker / Metagear first
    • Level of detail (HD + optimized versions)
    • Going through the backlog (100+ items)
    • VRoid, glb, vox
    • Helping VR crew with avatar prep

ETA: ~2 months (->July 30th)

Due to tight upcoming deadlines, I wish to keep this proposal brief so that I can better spend my energy to continuing working on these tasks. Can consider this proposal as another chunk of the larger one we made a couple months ago here: Proposal: MF Content Production

More info about the VR crew here: MetaFactory VR Notes - HackMD

Parsley and 3D-VR are a couple of exceptional builders I talked to recently. These designers have an eye for detail and strong experience making avatars from scratch for VRchat. This is very good because it only takes a few steps to go from VRChat to Webaverse. Here’s an example of their work showcasing a pretty complete understanding for making avatars from scratch.

I think they can be really helpful in creating wearables right now since we have gone through much of onboarding and logistics already. Their skills can also lend a hand to the VR team with adding wearables to some avatars used in fashion / video shoots. I hope we can collab in the future.

MetaRick makes dank robots, VRChat and Webaverse content, virtual productions, and is keen to do an official collab with MetaFactory. He helped debug some of the avatar issues I was having and quickly added some wearables to some of his avatars too! I’d love to work with him and MVC more because they are all nonstop making dope stuff.

In addition during this last week me and boomboxhead have talked to 2-3 avatar builders / 3D artists in M3 discord that want to help and are learning the ways. Monday and Tuesday at 1pm EST when we all sync up again.

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