Proposal: VR Fashion Shoots


Sprint from the bigger content production proposal here: Proposal: MF Content Production

  • Interoperable avatars + wearables
  • Metaverse fashion shoots
  • Capturing performances

First we’re assembling a roster of avatars from popular NFT collections as well as robots wearing MF fashion.

Then we’re going to produce VR fashion shoots with avatars rocking MF wearables in VRchat, Webaverse, Cryptovoxels, DCL, Unreal, Unity, and Source engines, etc.

Our notes can also be valuable feedback to open metaverse working groups like the M3 avatar interop group and OMI group while making content about building the open metaverse.

Playcanvas Showroom

Browser based virtual world utilizing Mixamo avatar rigs and animation systems. Playcanvas graphics can look as good as Unity and Unreal when quality time is spent on the art.

SM SithLord is the lead on this initiative and will build upon the avatar interop demo we made together to create interactive 3D sites showcasing avatars + MF wearables in interesting spaces.


  • jin
  • boomboxhead
  • SM SithLord
  • Arashi
  • DAOfren
  • vin10do


Predict it will take ~16k

  • 8k: VR fashion shoots (M3)
    • World design (set design + location scouting)
    • Avatar prep (dressing room)
      • VRchat
      • VRM
      • glb
    • Animation
  • 6k: Playcanvas Showroom (Sith)
  • 2k: Project management + documentation

25% in stables as down payment (4k)
rest in ROBOT via coordinape (12k)

ETA: 1 month


Some updates and visuals because we never stop building :grin:

VR Fashion Shoots

World design

Photostudio made, templatized.

Boomboxhead implemented LTCGI shader which enables video panels to beautifully light spill on avatars and environment, similar tech to how physical virtual productions are setup with LED wall screens.

Here is a video overview of virtual production filmmaking tech happening in the world of atoms:

This virtual virtual production that we’re building can pipe into other game engines and platforms with the ability to capture performances using shadermotion / udonmotion. Motion data from a player gets encoded in colors on a shader that you see on the side in the below screenshot :arrow_down:

Being able to capture performances is a pillar of virtual production and will be a force multiplier in all of our projects. We’ll be able to do shoots in real-time in VRChat and then import to web, unity, and unreal engines with the ability to edit lights, avatars, camera angles, etc.

Avatar prep

Currently a WIP, although much of the ground work has been done to establish the pipeline for every MF wearable to work on different avatar base meshes. Some of this work was tested while working on Swaps with Coldie:

Playcanvas Showroom

Sith has began working on the project, creating a template for what can best be described as a 3D linktree. Here’s a preview:


We can build a web based 3D storefront for Metafactory goods using the assets Boomboxhead was assembling into Unreal engine:

Imagine a website that has the look and feel of entering a video game store (pics from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)



@milfdad be great to sync with Jin and Boombox on this when it comes to the website redesign.

Snapshot is live.

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Hooray proposal passed!

We’re looking into adjusting the studio to fit dimensions of the physical venue planned for a NFT.NYC event.

3D storefront assets have been gathered, will have progress shots ready to share by next week.

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VR studio

There’s a version of the world being made to fit the dimensions of the real venue. Need to make roof less reflective and start shooting some content in there.

Content goal: Video documentation on what we’ve built so far and what we wanna do next with handheld shots + animated camera shots in VRChat. Cut with shots from Google Earth studio + inside the physical lumestudio.

Next tech goals

Add floor video projection lighting

Figure out UV mapping for video screens. Could mirror video for now.


This 3D storefront concept comes from one of boomboxheads unreal engine project experiments and is a much better layout for a merch shop than the Zelda ones shared previously. SM SithLord has all the assets and is going to start working on it today.

Imagine if we could replace the NPC with a transparent green screen livestream! It could integrate with chat to talk to many, like Twitch.



Cross-posted some updates to the NFT.NYC thread on how we recreated the physical venue in VRC and will begin populating it with pickupable digital versions of props / furniture to try different arrangements of the space. See post:

We’re acquiring assets for the digital lot now:

We set some content goal to document the studio so far since we need more time to create wearables + avatars for proper fashion shoots. Epic documented their studio heavily to promote virtual production, we must do the same for virtual virtual production.

We’re planning a mixer event this Friday afternoon to give the studio a proper test run for testing event flows. There will be digital wine and cheese and a DJ.

Here’s how the 3D storefront site looks like btw, I might spin up a separate thread for it later.

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MF VR Avatar accessories

Brainstorming some ideas on giving models in our fashion shoot a bit of MF drip / flair

Robot heads

Inspired by robot heads peeps were wearing at ETHdenver

They can be a wearable added to any avatar.

Cyborg parts

Coldies arms went missing, thankfully we had the technology to repair him. Cybernetic parts can be a cool way to add metafactory robot flair to any avatar.

Here’s an arm I found on booth, I bookmarked like a ton and metaverse crew is making dank robot avatars that we can kitbash.


Here’s the latest update on the 3D storefront, getting close to ready:

Added in some posters, working on making the site easy to update with fresh inventory. We could use a couple more posters if anyone has any.

I’m learning a bit of marvelous designer to understand the pipeline from MD → avatar wearables better. So far results seem promising.

boomboxhead has really nailed the lume studio vrchat world. Next step is to upload a catalog of avatars we been adding MF wearables to into the avatar switcher and do VR photoshoots all next week.


3D Storefront

This website basically acts like a 3D linktree / frontend to active drops and upcoming events (posters). During this 1 month design sprint we accomplished a working MVP that can be deployed to or any other domain of our choosing in the future.


We sourced links and icons from the metafactory linktree to display as like a shortcut launch dock.

Watch on Youtube: Metafactory 3D storefront WIP - YouTube

Storefront future ideas

  • Fix some of the hats and posters
  • Optimize the scene
  • Change video on the monitor, interactive
  • Make site easy to update / maintain
  • Add sfx and easter eggs
  • Make the NPC interactive
  • Vtuber mode for the site
  • Character customizer site


We have a number of different avatar base models like bayc, vroid, void, cryptovoxels, and others plus VR ready wearables like hats, tshirts, longsleeve, hoodies, shorts, etc. Our goal is have atleast a VRM + VRChat ready versions of avatars for the fashion shoot added to the avatar switcher:

Shoutout to Phetta for modeling the “BANKLESS” CROCHETED BUCKET HAT.

Shoutout to MetaRick for adding hoodies to a buncha original robots!

We could reuse some of the avatars from the Coldie swaps shoot if we want. The textures can be changed to another design. Time saver if we want to photoshoot with the cryptovoxels avatar as a VRM / VRChat avatar.

Fashion Shoot

VRchat worlds:

VR Studio

See latest updates:


  • Underestimated the heavy lifting involved in preproduction
    • Lots of overhead + tight deadline for 1 month sprint
    • For context: we originally planned a 3 month budget
  • Need extra help with avatars / wearables
    • jin was spread thin working on many things at once
    • avatars are hard, tedious, tooling sucks, and it’s easy to mess up
    • recruiting materials and efforts took a few days of our time


  • Learned new tools like dework / marvelous designer
    • Marvelous Designer → Blender workflow
  • Learned about shrinkwrap modifier in blender
  • Met a lot of awesome new people over the past month at our VR events
  • Couple nights of synchronous dev jams really help in between weekly meetups
  • Came up with awesome ideas for 3D websites while building 3D storefront
  • Better understanding of UV and projection mapping - boomboxhead
  • Working with new coordination tools like dework, kept us on track - boomboxhead
  • Technical development learning and life cycle learnings - boomboxhead

Next steps

  • Debug avatars
  • More fashion shoots
  • Organizing all docs into 1 URL
  • Video documentation of studio
  • Teaser content for NFT NYC event

MF VR Crew Website

Worked on organizing all relative docs about MF VR into 1 URL

I also sifted through my folders and compiled a photo album of all sorts of MF digital related content, enjoy! metafactory • Slate

3D Storefront NPC

The NPC now talks and has a quest system in which we can tie into the launch. We can be ready to deploy this site next week after a final detail inspection pass (need to tweak some textures).

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I love the idea of the Talking robot head, and think its a great touch. There are so many possibilities with 3d websites