Proposal #1: The Curation Game

What is $ROBOT going to be used for, you ask? Here’s what it can be used for right now:

  • Access to private Discord (alpha leaks, drop alerts, collective culture creation)
  • Governance over platform (capital expenditure, future products / partnerships, token mechanics / distribution)
  • Member exclusive drops

Currently we distribute ROBOT to the following:

  • Buyers of products
  • Designers of products
  • Community Contributions / Ops

The bulk of the reward is currently going to buyers at a rate of 0.4 ROBOT / dollar spent (until we hit $100k in sales). I’m proposing that after we hit 100k in sales, we reduce the buyer reward and create a new reward pool: Curator Rewards.

Here’s how it would work:

  1. Designer makes a proposal for a product drop
  2. Curators can “charge” the proposal by staking their ROBOT tokens on them. The more ROBOT that gets staked, the faster it charges.
  3. Once the proposal builds up enough charge, it will go into production and pre-orders will open.
  4. Curators who staked on that product will get X ROBOT per dollar sold, proportional to how much “charge” they contributed.

(this is essentially a form of Conviction Voting)

There’s a lot of good incentive alignment here:

  • Creates demand for ROBOT
  • Reduces circulating supply through staking mechanics
  • Rewards active participants instead of passive holders
  • Curators will have a vested interest in generating sales for products = decentralized marketing force
  • Designers will compete to get the most Stakers = doper products
  • Products that go into production will have guaranteed demand
  • Permissionless: allows our community to coordinate on a larger scale
  • The people that bring the most value to MF will earn the most tokens and have the biggest stake in its future success, and will feel emotionally attached / aligned with it as well. Good vibes.

There’s tons of interesting game theory that could come out of this, and IMO it would be a lot of fun to play this “curation game”. It’s basically “curation mining”.


MF’s Curation Mining is a new form of mining that will likely jumpstart a new set of action-related incentives that can help communities excel.


Agreed. MF is such a fun world of culture/lifestyle, that the curation game would be excellent fun and valuable to all.

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100% - Let’s make this happen. Start simple and evolve in line with user demand and interest.

Sounds cool, there needs to be fairly constant inflow of options for staking so that some scarcity is introduced. Otherwise there isnt much of a reason to not just stake to everything. I would recommend maybe a cooldown mechanism once staking is complete so staking on one thing means they wont be able to stake on something else for a while and requires more commitment. That cooldown period can be shortened as the pipeline becomes more robust.

To ensure ability to continue to pay people long term out a treasury should be started that performs buybacks with a portion of revenue/profits. I like the balancer pool model where you have something like a 80/20 ROBOT/DAI (or whatever pair you want) pool where revenue flows into the pool in the form of dai. This will lead to the rebalancing of the pool buying back ROBOT off the market (through arbitrageurs rebalancing the pool). Distributions for the curation game can then be made using some % of treasury pool (in form of ROBOT or the BPT (Balancer LP) token itself.


Absolutely love this idea and extremely excited to see what this looks like in practice!

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