VR crew Master Thread

We’re builders and makers that can custom design avatars, worlds, virtual productions, and events across the metaverse. Many of us grew up online playing MMOs and modding games. Our playground has only expanded in this next chapter of the Internet history - it’s going to be fun.

What we do

  • Avatars
  • VR Storefront
  • VR Studio Productions
  • Metaverse HQs
  • Events

The Crew

  • Jin
  • Boomboxhead
  • Arashi
  • Sinkas

Special guests

SM SithLord: https://twitter.com/anarchyarcade
Site: https://www.anarchyarcade.com/blog/welcome/

Sith is the lead developer of Anarchy Arcade and has been building and using VR desktop software for over a decade. He has a pretty awesome virtual studio where he can spawn any piece of content from his hard drive or the web into the world and have it appear inside 3D geometry.

Sith has helped Metafactory with streaming field trips on a couple of occassions, from exploring MusicVket to the Cryptovoxels tour. He can project himself into the stream, and have the application running on his screen.

Sith is also an expert level designer, builds pro parcels in Somnium Space, and creates incredible virtual exhibitions for digital content.

Sizzler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMrvkUDdQmc

Vintendo: https://www.twitch.tv/themanchildshow

Vintendo is the host of The Manchild Show on Twitch and has an amazing radio voice and wizard like skills with OBS. Its self evident how well Vin understands that the journey is part of the experience when his streams start with epic 10 minute countdowns with a creative intro video like you’re about to watch a new episode TV show.

Lately Vintendo has been learning how to build live virtual studios inside of Unreal engine. There are multiple sets in 1 location that he can camera switch in between. Him and boomboxhead have experimented with a VR mode where a person can manipulate objects on the set in VR as another is operating in desktop mode.

Vin can also port himself into the world similar to SM Sith Lord. He has a variety of snap lens filters he can apply to practically anything. We can make the inanimate, animate.



Please comment in this thread: 3D Avatar Workshops

Join the VR Crew

If you are interested in joining the crew leave us a message in this thread or on the discord. Make a quick intro, we love checking out what other people create.

If you want to level up some skills check out this onboarding guide I wrote, I’ll give you a badge for doing it: https://github.com/M3-org/git-gud

The badge will grant access to certain things in 2022. Crypto becomes more interesting when you distribute NFTs for things people do, not just pay for. It can make quite a fashion statement in the metaverse as a composable avatar wearable, especially as you accumulate more.

We look forward to hearing from you :sunglasses:



We’re digitizing every physical piece of Metafactory merch into interoperable avatar wearables.

As an owner you will get access to all current and future file types for maximum metaverse interop. Wear that jacket wherever you go.

For wearables we currently produce a vox version and a VRoid version, a popular platform for making your own VRM avatars.

I’ve got a ton of links about avatar interoperability here: https://hackmd.io/@XR/avatars


Currently making avatar wearables compatible with:

  • VRoid
  • Cryptovoxels
  • Nifty Island base meshes
  • (Next) Decentraland

May look into wearable compatibility with these base meshes in the future.


We have been collaborating together with Webaverse since the beginning. Webaverse features 1st class support for custom VRM avatars in the browser and an easy method of equipping wearables (configurator + just walking up and holding E on an item).

M3taloot = open and remixable 3D loot asset library for avatars and game dev
We want to create an interoperable wearables collection that unites the 3D avatar communities and platforms. Avatar projects and owners are able to mod the initial collection to fit their base meshes.


VR Storefront

Sinkas has built Metafactory pop-up shops in Cryptovoxels, this is something we’d be keen on doing in an efficient reproducible way. Perhaps we can make an assetkit for rapid construction?

WIP Boomboxhead built a custom VR storefront for Metafactory with shelves showcasing the various avatar wearables that we’re digitizing. It’s currently live in VRchat (downloadable from Steam) and Mozilla Hubs (works in the browser).

This area explores an experimental avatar dressing station concept. It’s not interactive at the moment.

There’s a cash register in the store. There isn’t any kind of functionality to check out goods from VR yet, but it does help this place feel like a shop in the meantime. Also a good place for small items and trinkets, like POAPs or toys.

The VR storefront also has a media lounge with a full virtual production camera setup incase we want to chill and record a quick show together.

Reminder that these are just WIP shots and all of the assets are subject to change.

Mozilla Hubs Build

Demo: https://hubs.mozilla.com/hkPmkrB/elementary-humble-room

The Mozilla Hubs version offers a way to access the storefront from the browser with custom glb avatars, voice / text chat, and drag n’ drop media sharing. Many more clothing examples are on display with links underneath to the storefront page.

The Hubs version lets us actually open tabs to buy clothes whereas in VRChat web links aren’t allowed so it’s more of a place to preview / advertise Metafactory, shoot content, and perhaps take screenshots / scan QR codes to check out goods.

Action Items / To Do

  • [ ] Social Media/URLs/Contact info from Vendors/Artists
  • [ ] Sounds / Music for shopping expierence(BG ambience)
  • [ ] Video of someone buying something in the shop(Promotions)
  • [ ] Create Virtual Employee /
  • [ ] Add shoes
  • [ ] Add Bulltin Board
  • [ ] Add a Video Made For the store
  • [ ] $ROBOT Avatar
  • [ ] VR Stream Panels (setup a seat area)

VR Studio Productions

See the full brochure: https://hackmd.io/@XR/vprod-brochure

Press esc and scroll through the catalog. Me and boomboxhead have been making tons of VR studios. The catalog should give you an idea of what we have already available (can tweak / decorate any of them) as well as an idea of what we can build / how long it’d take.

Sets can even be constructed from real world locations, such as this matterport scan of the Internet Archive that was converted into a virtual production set where we hosted a live panel in VR.

The topic of this panel was composability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4IQwq47LuY

During the shoot we had an avatar that recorded the entire panel in sbs180 mode so that it can be rewatched in a way like you were actually there.

We can capture VR productions in a number of ways, here’s the full list:

  • 2D video
  • 360 video
  • 360 video + depth
  • 3D 180 video
  • Green screen behind the avatars

VR headset not required

Not every person needs to be in VR for our virtual productions. We’ve been testing multiple livestream setups where we can send guests a web link and pull in the individual video streams separately into the set.

Exhibit A

We can pull in one or more streams through NDI and have the video streams replace what’s on the TV head. This is a great way to bring in a remote guest from a zoom link.

Haven’t tested yet but pretty sure boomboxhead can bring in many livestream participants at once.

It may go one day without saying that this sorta setup can be reproduced in any of our virtual studios.

Exhibit B

Sith wrote a simple webrtc app in which he can generate a unique URL to invite each guest through, then pull in each person’s stream into Anarchy Arcade (3D desktop software made with source engine). From there he livestreams directly to Twitch.

I’m using vtuber software, Sith is using his webcam, green screen, and snap lens studio, and boomboxhead is streaming from VRChat.

If interested in learning more about OBS setups with vtubers check out this: https://github.com/madjin/vtuber-podcast

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Content Production

Digi-physical podcast station

Boomboxhead has a pretty nice setup in meatspace for making content ranging from audio to live podcasts and shows. Quick glimpse:

We also have a similar setup to this in VR called the Space Room. It’s a fork from the open source project, which is what powers most of our studios: https://github.com/gm3/vTuber

We have more camera switching options in the space room studio also. The world around us could also be transformed into a 360 media player.


Metaverse HQs

Metafactory has a few locations inside of Cryptovoxels at the moment, the most infamous one beind the Pagoda which is where the project officially launched, see the original blog post: https://themetafactory.medium.com/metafactory-rearchitecting-culture-for-the-digital-metaverse-df2693b7ec3b

Pagoda, Gangnam District: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=W@241E,385N

Beach house, Moon: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=E@464E,9N

MetaFactory Castle, Junkyard: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=SW@333E,101S

Right across the street from MetaCartel Tower and MetaGame parcels!



The Metafactory was born in the metaverse with a launch party at the MF pagoda in the heart of Cryptovoxels Gangnam district.

Filecoin Holiday Party

Jan 7: VR Holiday Party w/ Filecoin

ETHDenver 2021

Feb 11-20: https://www.ethdenver.com/

Feb 17: https://schellingpoint.gitcoin.co

Afterparty at Meow Wolf in Denver: https://meowwolf.com/visit/denver

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reserved for future post

reserved for future post

I award you the Meta Medal of Valor for the most comprehensive forum post-to-date :fire:


Wow that is incredible man!


+100 - Amazing work @jin and VR Crew! Great detail on the state of the space and wearable interoperability / accessibility. Looking forward to next steps - specifically a regular MF VR podcast / fireside chat. So much opportunity on the content production and event side.

Thanks ya’ll, btw I can’t edit posts anymore because there’s a setting to change how long you can edit posts for. Can we extend it longer? https://meta.discourse.org/t/post-cant-be-edited/53179

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